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Lärarnas a-kassa, established in 1996, is Sweden's largest unemployment fund for teachers. 

We were given the mission to increase the number of signed members. By creating better conversion optimization on the website, the amount of visitors has increased by 196% over the first 8 months. An extensive campaign has been worked out for greater brand awareness.

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Cybix is an IT company that provides services and products within IT to companies and authorities.

We were given the mission to increase Cybix's brand awareness in the middle part of Sweden. The concept became six commercials in various clips with a face of brand character that is used both in social media and on the website.

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ICA Maxi

ICA Maxi is Enköping's largest supermarket and is in a constantly ongoing expansion process.

With the help of clearly targeted commercials for social media, we increase the brand awareness of both new and existing customers to ICA maxi.


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The Norwegian based company Fibo manufactures wall panel systems for kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms. With their waterproof wall panels, they are today a challenger to tiles all over the world.

We have the mission to expanding and establishing new markets all over the world together with Fibo using our digital tools. We have total responsibility for digital marketing globally.

#strategy #web #video #ads